Observations data register privacy notice

General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 679/2016

1. Controller: Finnish Meteorological Institute PO Box 503 (Erik Palménin aukio 1) FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland tel. +358 29 539 2141 kirjaamo@fmi.fi

2. Register contact person Vesa Kurki vesa.kurki@fmi.fi

3. Data Protection Officer Jaana Palmunoksa (as of 1 January 2020) tel. +358 29 539 2310 jaana.palmunoksa@fmi.fi

4. Name of the register Finnish Meteorological Institute’s observation data register

5. Purpose of processing personal data The purpose of the processing of personal data is to manage and coordinate tasks related to the management and maintenance of observation stations. The provision of personal data is a requirement for maintaining an observation station.

6. Legal basis for the processing Act on the Finnish Meteorological Institute 212/2018.

7. Data content of the register The following data is collected from persons related to observation stations:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Email address

8. Regular sources of information The data stored in the register is obtained from the data subject and from the contract between the Finnish Meteorological Institute and the person maintaining the station.

9.Regular disclosures of data The data is only available to persons responsible for maintaining observation stations at the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The data is not disclosed to third parties.

10. The transfer of personal data outside the EU or EEA Data is not transferred outside the EU or EEA.

11. Register protection principles The data is stored in electronic format in the register maintenance system. The data is protected by personal passwords and other technical means.

12. Retention period and criteria for determining personal data There is an obligation to store the data permanently.

13. The rights of a data subject The data subject has the right to request access to personal data concerning them from the controller.

The data subject has the right to demand rectification of inaccurate or incorrect information concerning the data subject. The request is sent to: kirjaamo@fmi.fi

14. The right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority The data subject has the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority if the data subject believes that the processing of the personal data concerning them is in violation of the applicable data protection legislation.

15. Other information Information related to the payment of data subjects’ fees is managed by the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s Human Resources department.