FMI Radar Network

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has a network of eleven radars, which covers most of the country. In addition, data from neighbouring countries, obtained though the international exchange, improves the coverage especially on sea areas.

A radar sees the weather phenomena to a distance of 250 km in the Finnish climate. Therefore a network of several radars is needed to cover bigger land areas. The coverage depends on the weather conditions. Summer rain is seen to a distance of 250 km and more (outer line in the figure), and winterly snowfall to a distance of 120 km (circles in the figure).

The FMI Radar Network

  • 11 dual-polarization  C-Band Doppler radars: Vantaa, Anjalankoski, Ikaalinen, Korpo, Kuopio, Utajärvi, Luosto, Vimpeli (upgraded 2009-2017), Kesälahti (built 2014), Petäjävesi (built 2015) and Nurmes (built 2019)

  • Fully automated network

  • Design, planning, maintenance and operation by FMI

  • Data availability annually > 98%

Technical details of FMI radars

  • Antenna diameter:  4.5 m

  • Radome: 6.7 m

  • Antenna beam width: 0.95 degrees

  • Dual-pol radars: Vaisala HW & SW

  • Transmitter: magnetron

  • Frequency: 5600-5650 MHz

  • Wave length: 5.3 cm

  • Pulse peak power: 250 kW

  • Average power: 300 W