Space and Earth Observation

Space activities of FMI are focusing on space and Earth Observation (EO) research, space technology development and on the use of space and EO data for a suite of services. Services include the reception, processing and delivery of satellite data employing the Sodankylä Arctic Space Centre (FMI-ARC) infrastructure as well as the provision of products and services related to space weather, air pollution, atmospheric composition, UV-radiation, and the state of Earth’s cryosphere.

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover is equipped with meteorological pressure and humidity measurement devices developed and provided by FMI utilizing Vaisala’s sensor technology. The illustration is courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech.

More information on the FMI Space and Earth Observation (EO) research topics on the web pages: Earth Observation Research, Space Research and Observation Technologies and Arctic Space Centre (FMI-ARC), and a larger overview of space and EO activities and news on the Space and Earth Observation Centre FMI-SPACE website.