Utö observations

Marine weather at Utö

Online marine and meteorological data from Utö

Online marine data from VOS Silja Serenade (operating between Helsinki, Mariehamn and Stockholm).

Meteorological observations

Variable Start of measurements Institute
T, p, WS, WD, RH  1881  FMI
Precipitation  1881  FMI
Global radiation  1998  FMI
Diffuse radiation  1998  FMI
UV-radiation  1998  FMI
Visibility  2002  FMI
Cloud cover and height  2006  FMI
Wind profile (Doppler lidar)  2012  FMI
Weather camera  2014  FMI
Solar radiation spectra  2017  SYKE
Sunphotometer  2017  FMI
Solar energy production  2019  FMI

Aerosol and trace gas observations

Variable Start of measurements Institute
Aerosol chemical composition (PM10)  1980  FMI
SO2  1980  FMI
NO2  1986  FMI
O3  1986  FMI
VOC  1994-2008  FMI
Fine particles (PM2.5)  2003  FMI
Aerosol size distribution  2004  FMI
Aerosol absorption  2007  FMI
Aerosol scattering  2010  FMI
Aerosol chemical composition (PM2.5)  2011  FMI
Aerosol Optical Depth  2016  FMI

Greenhouse gas observations

(See also: ICOS-Utö)

Variable Start of measurements Institute
CO2, CH4 and CO concentrations 2012 FMI
CO2- flux 2016 FMI
pCO2 2016 FMI
pH (sea water) 2016 SYKE

Marine observations


Start of measurements

Sea ice observations 1897 FMI (/FIMR)
Temperature and salinity profiling 0-90m 1900 FMI (/FIMR)
Nutrients and chlorophyll 2001

ELY (Centre for Economic Development,
Transport and the Environment)

Wave buoy 2012-2014 FMI
Sea Ice radar 2013 FMI
T-S-O2-profiles (0...-80m) 2013 FMI
Temperature, salinity, O2, turbidity, chlorophyll (at 5 m depth) 2014 FMI
Currents (0...-23m) and surface waves 2014 FMI
AIS receiver 2015 FMI
Bottle sampler 2015 SYKE
Chlorophyll, temperature, salinity, phycoscyanin, turbidity, phytoplankton species composition etc (flow-through) 2016 SYKE
Vertical profiles of temperature, salinity, O2, turbidity, chlorophyll, cyanobacteria (0...-76m) 2018 FMI and SYKE
Currents (0...-76m) and surface waves 2018 FMI