Temperature and precipitation statistics from 1961 onwards

You can choose a certain location and time period (month/season/year) and see the temperature/precipitation anomaly from the 1991-2020 average. The long term average (avg) from 1991-2020 is shown on the upper left of the graph. The value from an individual year is shown in the tool tip when the mouse cursor is moved over that year.

You can print the chart or download it as image by clicking the menu icon on the top right corner. Also the data is available to download in CSV format.

The data used in the graphs is calculated based on the closest observation stations which are interpolated into a 10 x 10 km grid. The gridded dataset provides longer term assessments on the regional distribution of weather variables even for locations on which no meteorological observations are available. These values may deviate slightly compared to the values of observation stations. You can read more on the interpolated gridded datasets at the Climateguide-website.