Service numbers

Meteorologist 24 h,  0600 1 0600

(charge 3,85 €/min + pvm) . You can phone only from Finland to this number.

Climate service (mon-fri 9-15) , 0600 1 0601

(charge 4,01 €/min + pvm).  You can phone only from Finland to this number.

SMS weather, 16161

Send message weather place in number 16161 e.g. weather london. Service includes all places and popular skiing centers in Finland, European cities and holiday destinations worldwide. If you want forecast for 3 or 5 days, just send message weather 3 place or weather 5 place (e.g. weather 5 helsinki). If you want to see the latest observations, send an SMS weather now place (e.g. weather now helsinki). You should have a Finnish mobile phone subscription. 0,84 €/message (DNA 0,85 €/message).

SMS sea weather, 16161

Wind forecast, observations and wave forecast for Baltic Sea. Wind forecast also for other sea areas in Europe. Send message in number 16161. Wind forecast: sea + sea area code. Observations: sea now + sea area code. Wave forecast: wave + sea area code. e.g. sea 12 or sea now 12. 0,84 €/message (DNA 0,85 €/message).

See sea areas (in PDF)

Oceanographic Services

Sea level and wave statistics and consulting services (mon - fri 8-16) +358 29 539 6436.

Ice Service (during winter season)

+358 29 539 3464 (mon - fri 8-16).