Climate statistics

Operational climate service provides Finland's climate statistics and past observations. Prior to a data request please review the following instructions for a smooth and fast delivery.

What statistics or past observations do you need?

Statistics and observations are available from a variety of variables or phenomena such as temperature (2 meter or ground temperature), humidity, wind, air pressure, radiation, cloudiness, visibility, precipitation, snow depth, lightning etc.

Which place or area are you interested in?

Lists of the currently operational and shut down weather stations are listed at the weather stations-page.

In addition to the station name the listed items include the location, ID number and the begin date of observations. For those stations that are no longer in use, the end date is also given.

We also have an interpolated dataset available in a 10x10km grid (temperature and precipitation).

How many observations per day and from which time period?

Depending on the weather station, time period and variable, we have observations available

  • every 10 minutes

  • every hour

  • every three hours

  • every six hours

  • once per day

The daily value is either the daily mean (such as daily mean temperature) or a sum (such as daily precipitation). Daily, monthly, seasonal and annual averages are automatically calculated as well as precipitation sums.

Besides the already available statistics and observations we can handle specific requests that best suit the customers needs. These may include for example calculating the number of rainy days in a certain month or heat summations at a specific location.

The weather observations are in digital form from the beginning of 1961. Older observations are constantly added to the database, but there are still significant gaps in term of their spatial and temporal resolution.

The cost and delivery of statistics and observations

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has made its data sets freely available for public use. The past weather observations can be download from our new online service free of charge.

You may still order data by calling the Operational Climate Service at 0600 10601, weekdays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. (9:00-15:00). The cost is 4.01 €/min + local charges. You may also send your request by email to To speed to process, please give as precise as possible information about the locations of interest, weather parameters and data purpose.

Even though the weather and climate data are free, the Finnish Meteorological Institute will charge for the manual data delivery, custom requests and other material that is non-open data . This charge is based on the laws and regulations concerning the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The data is delivered to the customer in the format of their choosing, usually as a ready Excel-chart sent by email.

Climate statistics from abroad

If requested, we also deliver weather and climate data from abroad. However it is usually faster and cheaper to ask for the information directly from the meteorological institute of the country in question. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) maintains a list of the meteorological and hydrological institutes across the world: