Finnish Meteorological Institute on social media

The Finnish Meteorological Institute communicates on social media about current phenomena, research and services related to our activities. We provide reliable information in a place where people spend their time.

We produce research-based information on the weather, the sea, the climate and space, so that no one would be caught off guard by the weather conditions. In addition to the Finnish Meteorological Institute online service, we communicate on social media.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute operates on the following social media channels:

  • On Instagram, we present the extensive activities of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, in addition to weather, the research in the field and the services we provide. We also talk about what it's like to work with us. Follow us on Instagram!

  • On LinkedIn, we publish job advertisements and share current content regarding research and the Finnish Meteorological Institute as an organisation. Follow us on LinkedIn!

  • On X (formerly Twitter) we have several accounts, of which @meteorologit focuses on weather and @IlmaTiede on research. Other FMI accounts on X include @FMIclimate, @FMIspace and @FMI_Marine.

  • Our YouTube channel contains videos on the weather, climate change and on our other research topics.

Social media policy

The social media contents of the Finnish Meteorological Institute are intended for everyone interested in our activities. We want everyone visiting our social media accounts to feel safe, so please remember the rules of good online behaviour. Everyone has the right to ask or comment without fear of inappropriate behaviour directed at them.

We appreciate and actively follow comments and discussions on the topics on our social media channels. However, we are unable to answer all the comments or questions that have been sent to us.

We reserve the option to delete comments that

  • are repetitive, inappropriate and unrelated to the topic

  • contain obscene expressions or language that offends other people

  • incite to commit a crime or distribute illegal material or direct to illegal or inappropriate material

  • are threatening

  • are racist or otherwise undermining the dignity of another person

  • sell or market a product or service

  • are based on fake news, disinformation or conspiracy theories.

Get in touch!

The Communications team of the Finnish Meteorological Institute is responsible for the coordination of the social media accounts. If you have any questions or if you notice inappropriate behaviour on our accounts, please contact the Finnish Meteorological Institute Communications: