Download observations

Why are older observations not available?

Instantaneous weather observations are at first available since 2010. Daily and monthly weather observations are mainly available from the 1960's, depending on the observation station. Sea and air quality observations have their own time limitations. The begin dates of data depends on technical limitations. Older data is gradually added as technical and quality limitations are resolved.

I would like to download other parameters too, such as soundings and METAR-observations.

The service includes the most commonly asked parameters. In order to keep the service simple and easy to use, the more rare datasets with differing formats are not included at least for now.

How does the download service differ from the open data interface?

The open data interface is in machine readable format. This means that looking for and extracting observations requires some level of programming skills.

The download observations - service on the other hand retrieves data from the interface. The service has the necessary technical aspects built into it so that no programming skills are needed. Thus the service makes downloading observations easy.

Why is the service not available in Swedish?

The download observations - service is built over the open data interface. The interface itself is originally intended for machine readable data and is only available in Finnish and English. Since the download service uses the interface, the same language restrictions apply and Swedish is at least for now not supported.

Is there a cost to use the service or do I need to register?

Using this service is free and there is no registration.