Satellite observations from Finland

Wed 3/3 09:03PM
Wed 3/3 09:56PM
Thu 4/3 07:36AM
Thu 4/3 09:17AM
Thu 4/3 10:04AM
Thu 4/3 10:25AM
Thu 4/3 10:51AM
Thu 4/3 11:44AM
Thu 4/3 12:06PM
Thu 4/3 12:31PM
Thu 4/3 03:53PM
Thu 4/3 05:32PM
Thu 4/3 07:14PM
Thu 4/3 07:57PM
Thu 4/3 08:21PM
Thu 4/3 08:43PM

The image shows the latest NOAA satellite images. White denotes high clouds, grey lower clouds. Images are available approximately 20 times a day, when the satellite passes Finland.

The animation can be stopped by moving the mouse pointer over any desired time image. The animation will restart when the mouse pointer is moved over the Play-text.

More information about satellite images.