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Spring began in April

14.5.2013 7:34

Thermal spring began throughout the country by mid-April. Precipitation was higher than average in places.

Photo: Tuija Vuorinen

Photo: Tuija Vuorinen

The monthly mean temperature varied between 2°C in southern Finland and -2°C in northern Lapland. Compared to the long term average, temperature anomaly was at its highest in southwestern part of the country where mean temperature was about 1.5°C colder than normal. The highest temperature of 13.8°C was recorded at Helsinki Kumpula on the 25th of April. The lowest temperature of -29.6°C was recorded at Sodankylä Lokka on the 9th of April.
The monthly precipitation was around 30-50 mm in most parts of the country. In parts of western coast and Northern Ostrobothnia the monthly precipitation was around 1.5 times greater than normal. The highest daily precipitation of 25.1 mm was recorded at Merikarvia on the 18th of April.
Thermal spring started throughout country by mid-April. The start of the spring was late in southern part of Finland by 0.5 – 2 weeks but in the north, it started 1 – 2 weeks earlier than average. At the end of the month, snow only covered the majority of Lapland, which is a smaller area than normal.

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