The Finnish Meteorological Institute's smartphone weather application

The Finnish Meteorological Institute's weather service gives up to 10 day forecasts for over 17,000 locations in Finland and for thousands of destinations abroad.

If your phone tracking is enabled, the service will automatically show the weather data and warnings for your location in Finland. You can save your favourite location in the service.

At a glance, you can check the warnings that apply to your location.

Will it rain an hour from now? You can easily check the service for the probability of rain and the rainfall forecast.

New version for iOS and Android

  • New layout and user interface
  • Precipitation radar images
  • 10 day forecast, with a hourly forecast for the two first days
  • 'Feels like' data as well as probability and quantity of precipitation at all forecast times
  • Weather observations also from foreign observation stations
  • Temperature and precipitation observations also available in graph form
  • Download Weather app from Google Play
  • Download Weather app from AppStore

Features of the WEATHER service

  • Weather forecasts for over 17,000 localities in Finland and major destinations abroad
  • 10-day forecasts
  • An hour-by-hour weather forecast for the next 12 hours
  • Warnings in Finland updated 7 times a day
  • Number of warning types in effect in Finland at a glance
  • Warnings for individual localities in Finland
  • Weather observations in Finland
  • Probability of rain
  • Rainfall
  • Wind direction and speed
  • Times for sunrise and sunset
  • ‘Feels like' temperature
  • No advertisements

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