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Hot days were scarce during the summer months

4.9.2012 10:14

The average temperature this summer (June-August) in Finland was near average or slightly below average. Relatively coolest was in northern Lapland. There were large local differences in precipitation.

Photo: Kirsti Kotro

Photo: Kirsti Kotro

In 2012, the national summer mean temperature was 0.4 °C below the long term average. This was the coolest summer since 2008. There were a total of 18 hot days (daily maximum above 25 °C) which is well below average. The highest temperature was 31.0 °C in Lieksa on July 30th.

In some areas of eastern Finland the summer precipitation was over 1.5 times the long term average. The highest precipitation total for the three months was 424 mm at Tohmajärvi. In Lapland and most of southern Finland there was less precipitation than usual.

During the period between May-August only 75 000 lightning strikes were recorded. This is roughly half of the usual number of strikes in Finland.

A fairly typical August

The mean temperature for August was near the long term average in Finland. However there were fewer hot days than usual. The highest temperature of 25.9 °C was recorded at Kemiönsaari on the 17th. The lowest temperature of -4.8 °C was recorded at Sodankylä on the 20th.

Areas in the central parts of the country received well above average rainfall, but southern and northern parts were drier than usual.

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