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Clearly more rain in some locations than on average in July

3.8.2012 9:09

Average temperatures for the past July were more or less normal, while in Central and Eastern Finland the month was unusually rainy in some locations.

Photo: Toni Amnell

Photo: Toni Amnell

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the mean temperature for July ranged from slightly over 17° C in Southern Finland to just under 12° C in Northern Lapland. In most of the country, the readings were close to the long-term average. The mean temperature was over one degree colder than usual only in some locations in Northern Lapland. The mean temperature for all of Finland was 15.5° C, which is 0.1° C below the long-term average.

The highest temperature for the month, measured in Lampela, Lieksa on 30 July, was 31.0° C. The lowest temperature, -1.7° C, was measured on 10 July both in Naruska, Salla and in Pokka, Kittilä. With the exception of Southeastern Finland, there were fewer hot days (over 25° C) than normally, and they were concentrated on the first week and the end of the month. Temperatures exceeded 25° C on 12 days in the whole of Finland. Statistically, there are on average 16 days when temperatures exceed 25° C in July. Among individual observation stations, the highest number of hot days was measured in Utti, Kouvola, where 25 degrees was reached on eight days in July.

As much as double the average precipitation in Central and Eastern Finland

In some locations in Central and Eastern Finland, the monthly precipitation exceeded 170 millimetres, which is nearly double the long-term average. On the other hand, Central and Northern Ostrobothnia, Lapland and large areas of Southern Finland had less rain than usual. Among individual observation stations, the most rain was measured in Karvia, Northern Satakunta, where the monthly figure was 243 millimetres. This was also the site for the greatest rainfall within 24 hours in July: 96 millimetres on 8 July. The least precipitation, 26 millimetres, was measured in Lavinto, Hausjärvi.

In most of Finland, there was clearly less sunshine than normally occurs. The most sunshine was recorded in Vihreäsaari, Oulu, where the number of sunshine hours was 284. The smallest number of sunshine hours, or 195, was recorded in Lepola, Lappeenranta.

In July this year, about 56,000 ground flashes were registered within Finland’s borders. The average figure for July is about 60,000. The most lightning flashes were recorded on 29 July, when the amount reached almost 20,000. On 30 July about 12,000 ground flashes were recorded.

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