News 9.5.2023

Finnish Meteorological Institute’s 2022 Sustainability report completed

The Sustainability report describes how the Finnish Meteorological Institute will operate in a manner that promotes the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Examples of the activities and results of action related to sustainability at the Finnish Meteorological Institute in 2022 have been compiled in the Sustainability report. The activities of the Finnish Meteorological Institute are related to several UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In the Sustainability report, we discuss our activities related to four of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Ensuring a healthy life and well-being for people of all ages

  • Ensuring safe and sustainable cities and human settlements

  • Taking urgent action against climate change and its impacts

  • Strengthening the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

The Sustainability report also assesses the footprint of the Finnish Meteorological Institute's activities.

Finnish Meteorological Institute developing its sustainability activities

The Finnish Meteorological Institute is working to develop its own Sustainability activities. The aim of the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s Sustainability group is to further develop sustainability management, the objectives of sustainability activities and sustainability reporting and communication to external stakeholders.

"Although the activities of the Finnish Meteorological Institute themselves support sustainability and sustainable development in our society, we aim for a more systematic approach to the management and development of our sustainability. In this way, the sustainability perspective becomes a more conscious part of our strategy and everyday decision-making," says Director Juhana Hyrkkänen.

Further information:

Juhana Hyrkkänen, Director, tel. +358 29 539 3495

Finnish Meteorological Institute Sustainability report

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