Finnish Meteorological Institute accepts only e-invoices and requires invoices to show the relevant order number, contract number or posting reference

Finnish Meteorological Institute only accepts, processes and archives invoices in the electronic form. Please ensure that your invoices will be submitted electronically via the central government e-invoicing service operator.

Our e-invoicing details are as follows

  • E-invoicing address/EDI identifier 003702446647

  • PEPPOL e-invoicing address 0216:003702446647

  • Operator Posti Messaging Oy

  • Operator ID FI28768767

  • Business ID 0244664-7

  • VAT number FI02446647

Posting information to be shown on the invoice (use one of the following)

  • Order number V1xxxxxx

  • Contract number VSK1xxxxxx

  • Posting reference TK1xxxxxx

  • Other reference Other subscriber reference information which is none of the above

  • Name of the customer’s contact person Xxxxx Xxxxxxx

The central government receives e-invoices compliant with the European standard

Posti Messaging Oy is the Finnish Government’s e-invoicing service provider. If your service provider has an agreement with Posti Messaging Oy on sending e-invoices, you can send the invoices to Finnish government agencies via Posti Messaging Oy. It is also possible to send the invoices to government agencies using the Peppol network.

The central government will not sign contracts on receiving e-invoices with any other service provider. We will not accept invoices sent by e-mail, only e-invoices submitted using the e-invoicing system (Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing in public procurement and Act 241/2019).

The Finnish government requests that, as of 1 April 2021, suppliers use e-invoices that are compliant with the European Standard. The Electronic Invoicing for Contracting Entities and Traders Act (241/2019), which is compliant with the European Union Directive on electronic invoicing in public procurement (2014/55/EU), entered into force on 1 April 2020. The rules for validating European Standard invoices are based on the EU Standard EU16931, known as the European Standard. Read more about e-invoicing following the European Standard in the press release published by the State Treasury, or on the State Treasury’s electronic invoicing website. For example, this site contains the Application instructions for public administration on the Government's Electronic Invoicing, which lists the data elements the public administration requires suppliers to show on their e-invoices.

Including posting information in an e-invoice

Our requirement is that e-invoices contain posting information: an order number, a contract number, a posting reference or other subscriber’s given reference, which will enable our automated invoice processing system to handle the invoice. The posting information to be shown on the invoice is included in the text box above together with the other invoice information. Please add this posting information to the invoice exactly in the indicated form and enter it in the correct field of the xml invoice. Any minor errors in the posting information, other text, or characters or spaces not included in the posting information added after it will prevent the use of automated invoice processing. An invoice may only contain one type of posting information: one contract number, order number, posting reference or other given reference. In other words, if you are invoicing for two different contracts/orders, two different invoices must be submitted, each with a different contract number, order number or accounting reference. Please also include the name of the customer's contact person in the xml message of the invoice.

The central government uses the Finvoice 3.0 e-invoicing format, in which the correct information fields for the posting information and contact person are the following:

  • Contract number (starting with VSK1) in the AgreementIdentifier field

  • Order number (starting with V1) in the OrderIdentifier field

  • Posting reference (starting with TK1) in the AccountDimensionText field

  • Other given reference in the BuyerReferenceIdenfier field

  • Contact person in the BuyerContactPersonName field

Please check with your software supplier that the requested information can be entered in the correct fields of the e-invoice.

Terms of payment

Please comply with the payment term of 21 days in your invoices. This term is based on the General terms of Public Procurement in Service and Supply Contracts published by the Finnish Ministry of Finance. Under these terms, an e-invoice is due 21 days after the receipt of a valid invoice.

Invoice attachments

You can also use the e-invoicing service to submit attachments to invoices in the electronic format. These attachments should be in the pdf format.

E-invoicing solutions

If you do not have an electronic invoicing system which enables you to send e-invoices, you can send your invoices through the Handi supplier portal or Basware invoicing portal. More detailed information about these services is available on the State Treasury's electronic invoicing website.

For more information on questions related to invoice contents, please contact Anne Koskinen Financial Assistant Administration, Financial Services p. +358 29 539 5647 il.taha(at)