International Organisations

The Finnish Meteorological Institute represents Finland in several international organizations. One of the most important being the World Meteorological Organization.


The vision of WMO is to provide world leadership in expertise and international cooperation in weather, climate, hydrology and water resources and related environmental issues. To achieve this, WMO promotes standardization of meteorological and related observations and works to ensure the uniform availability of observations and statistics. WMO also promotes the establishment and maintenance of systems for the rapid exchange of meteorological and related data.

In addition WMO facilitates worldwide cooperation in the establishment and maintenance of observation networks, furthers the application of meteorology to aviation, shipping, water problems, agriculture and other human activities, promotes activities in operational hydrology and furthers close cooperation between meteorological and hydrological services and encourages research and training in meteorology and, as appropriate, in related fields. WMO carries out its work through 10 major scientific and technical programmes.

To decide on the programmes, approve the general policies as well as the maximum expenditure for the financial period, The World Meteorological Congress, composed of rpresentatives from 189 Member States andTerritories, the supreme body of the Organization, meets every four year. Congress elects the President and Vice-Presidents of the Organization and members of the Executive Council and appoints the Secretary-General.

The Executive Council, the executive body of the Organization, is responsible to Congress for the coordination of the programmes of the Organization and the utilization of its budgetary resources in accordance with the decision of Congress. Composed of 37 directors of National Meteorological or Hydrometeorological Services, it meets at least once a year to implement the programmes approved by Congress and review the activities of the Organization. The Director General of FMI, Prof. Petteri Taalas, Permanent Representative of Finland to WMO, was elected member of the EC in 2008.

WMO has eight technical commissions, composed of experts designated by Members, study matters within their specific areas of competence (technical commissions have been established for basic systems, instruments and methods of observation, atmospheric sciences, aeronautical meteorology, agricultural meteorology, oceanography and marine meteorology (jointly with IOC of UNESCO), hydrology and climatology). Finland is represented in every Technical Commission.