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Other models using Yasso

Max Planck Institute Earth System Model

Goll, D. S., Winkler, A. J., Raddatz, T., Dong, N., Prentice, I. C., Ciais, P., and Brovkin, V. 2017. Carbon-nitrogen interactions in idealized simulations with JSBACH (version 3.10), Geosci. Model Dev. 10: 2009-2030. doi:10.5194/gmd-10-2009-2017

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UNFCCC Greenhouse gas reporting, Kyoto Protocol

Austria (National Inventory Report 2016)

Czech Republic (National Inventory Report 2016)

Estonia (National Inventory Report 2016)

Ireland (National Inventory Report 2016)

Finland (National Inventory Report 2016)

Latvia (National Inventory Report 2016)

Norway (National Inventory Report 2016)

Romania (National Inventory Report 2016)

Switzerland (National Inventory Report 2016)


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Global Forest Model G4M

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Hiilitaselaskuri, alueellisen hiilitaseen laskentatyökalu

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