Description of Yasso

Yasso15 is the latest version of the model. Yasso07 and Yasso are earlier versions.

Model versions


  • Latest version of the model
  • Based on a global database containing 18 500 measurements of litter decomposition and soil organic carbon (Fig. 1)

Järvenpää, M., Repo, A., Akujärvi, A., Kaasalainen, M. & Liski, J. Soil carbon model Yasso15 - Bayesian calibration using worldwide litter decomposition and carbon stock data. Manuscript in preparation (PDF 4 MB)

Repo, A., Järvenpää, M., Kollin, J., Rasinmäki, J. & Liski, J. 2016. Yasso15 graphical user-interface manual  (PDF 1 MB)

Yasso database map

Fig. 1. Sites of Yasso15 database.


  • First version of the model using advanced mathematical modelling (Fig. 2)
  • Based on a global database containing 10 000 measurements of litter decomposition and soil organic carbon

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Yasso07 flowchart

Fig. 2. Yasso07 flowchart. The boxes represent soil carbon fractions and the arrows carbon fluxes; only fluxes significantly larger than zero shown.


  • First version of the model

Liski, J., Palosuo, T., Peltoniemi, M. & Sievänen, R., 2005. Carbon and decomposition model Yasso for forest soils. Ecological Modelling 189(1-2): 168-182. doi:10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2005.03.005

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