Press release 5.11.2021

October was extremely rainy, particularly in Lapland

In Sea Lapland, precipitation was as much as three times higher than average. October was also warmer than usual in almost the whole of Finland.
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According to the statistics of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, precipitation in October was higher than normal in almost all parts of the country. In the area extending from Satakunta to Lapland, rainfall was unusually heavy in many places; in other words, the similar situation occurs on average once in every ten years or more seldom.

In Lapland, rainfall in large areas exceeded 100 millimetres, with precipitation in many places setting new records. According to preliminary data, the highest rainfall in October, 197.9 mm, was recorded at Torppi, Tornio. Kevo in Utsjoki saw the least rain, 36.8 millimetres.

Record rainfall also contributed to high snowfall in some parts of Lapland. In Kittilä and Enontekiö in particular, snow depth was around half a metre at the end of the month. Such high snow depths in October are exceptional; in other words, they occur more seldom than once in every 30 years.

Warmer than usual in large parts of the country

The average temperature in October ranged from approximately + 9 °C in the southwest archipelago to about -1 °C in the Käsivarsi region in the northwest of Finnish Lapland. The average temperature in the southern and central parts of the country was mainly 2-3 degrees above the average for the 1991-2020 reference period. Such high average temperatures occur on average once in every 10 years or more seldom in these areas. The last time that a warmer October was experienced in much of the country was a year ago, although in the central part of the country, an October as warm as this year’s was last experienced in 2000.

In the northern part of the country, October was also warmer than usual, except for the very northernmost Lapland.

The highest temperature of the month, 15.6 degrees, was recorded at the Pori railway station on 1 October. The lowest temperature of the month, -21.3 degrees, was measured at the Salla village centre on 24 October.

The number of sunshine hours accumulated at observation stations was significantly lower than average. In Sodankylä, for example, the sun shone 23 hours, which is the lowest recorded figure in data spanning 68 years. The long-term average for sunshine in October in Sodankylä is approximately 57 hours.

Further information:

Meteorologists use the word “exceptional” when a weather phenomenon occurs statistically on average once in every 30 years or more seldom. A phenomenon is called rare if the average occurrence is less than once in ten years.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute began issuing avalanche forecasts already in October. The updated avalanche forecast can be found at

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