Press release 14.5.2021

April started out very warm and ended cool

At several weather stations in the south and west the month's coldest temperatures were not measured until the night of April 29. As a whole April was nevertheless warmer than usual in much of the country.
Photo: Kirsti Kotro

According to statistics of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the average temperature varied from -3 degrees in the northwest Arm of Finland to nearly +5 degrees on the South Coast. April was warmer than usual in much of the country. The greatest deviation from the average for the statistical given period of 1981-2010 was about two degrees in Central Lapland. In other parts of the country the deviation was about 0.5 to one degree.

The highest temperature for the month, 18.0 degrees*, was measured on three different days: on the 17th in Kaarina, the 18th in Rauma and Pori, and on the 19th in Seinäjoki. The lowest temperature, -25.9 degrees, was measured on the 9th at the Kilpisjärvi village centre weather station in Enontekiö.

Dry in the archipelago, rainy in central areas

In much of the country the accumulation of precipitation was normal or above normal. Compared with the long-term average, the greatest amount of precipitation was in the Oulu area, which got about double the amount compared with the average for 1981–2010. In the rainiest areas, the corresponding amounts for April are repeated about once in 10 years on average. The highest amount of precipitation in April was 64.7 millimetres, measured at the Paljakka weather station in Puolanka.

Precipitation was below average mainly in the southwest archipelago and locally in eastern parts of the country, where it was about half the normal amount. The lowest recorded precipitation was at the Lepola weather station in Lappeenranta, 11.3 millimetres.

At the end of the month there was no snow in southern and central areas. In most of the north of Finland there was still 20–40 centimetres of snow. At Kenttärova in Kittilä, as much as 83 centimetres.

* The previously reported high temperature at Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport (18.3 degrees) on 19 April was shown in quality control to have been erroneous.

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