Press release 10.12.2021

November started as mild but turned colder than usual towards the end

In November, the amount of rainfall was lower than usual. It rained more than usually only in the eastern parts of the country. The average temperature was quite normal this autumn, between September and November. In Lapland, the amount of rainfall was unusually high in the autumn.
Photo: Eija Vallinheimo

According to the statistics of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the average temperature in November was close to normal in much of the country. The greatest deviation from the average temperature was seen in Lapland, where it was a couple degrees Celsius colder than usual. In south-eastern parts of the country, the temperature was around one degree milder than normally. The average temperature in November varied between approximately +5 degrees Celsius in the south-western archipelago and -10 degrees in the northmost parts of Lapland.

The highest temperature in November was 13.1 degrees Celsius, and it was recorded in the first day of the month in Kärkkä, Salo. The month's lowest temperature, -34.0 degrees Celsius, was recorded in Kevojärvi, Utsjoki on 28 November.

November turned out snowy in most of the country

November had lower precipitation than usual in nearly all of the country. Only in the east, it rained more than normally. The month’s highest overall amount of precipitation, 88.7 millimetres, was measured in Mujejärvi, Nurmes. The lowest level of precipitation, at just 16.1 millimetres, was measured at the Lintupuoliselkä observation station in Angeli, Inari.

By the end of the month, there was snow in almost all of the country. Only some southern and western areas were partly free of snow. There was generally 15‒40 centimetres of snow in the eastern and northern parts of the country. The snow depths were the deepest in the north-western Lapland, where it amounted up to over 50 centimetres. There was an unusually large amount of snow for this time of the year in the east.

The number of sunshine hours was greater than usual at most stations. Only in the northernmost Finland, the amount of sunshine was unusually low.

The autumn was unusually rainy in the northern parts of the country

This autumn, meaning the time from September to November, was approximately one degree colder than usual in northern Lapland. The average temperature was quite normal in other parts of the country.

The autumn was largely drier than usual in the southern parts of the country, while it rained more than usual in the central and northern parts of the country. In Lapland, the precipitation was unusually high at many stations, meaning the autumn is this rainy more seldom than once in a decade.

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