Press release 7.5.2020

Spring progressed slowly in April

April weather was quite normal. There was still an unusually high amount of snow in Lapland at the end of the month.
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According to the statistics of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the average temperature in April was normal in most parts of the country. The northern part of the country was somewhat cooler than average in places, while the southern and western coasts were slightly warmer.

The month's highest temperature, 17.5 degrees Celsius, was measured in Lepaa, Hattula on 7 April. The lowest temperature, -27.2 ° C, was measured in Vuotso in Sodankylä on 5 April.

In most parts of the country, precipitation was slightly lower than average with only slightly more precipitation than usual near the west coast. The highest precipitation in April was in Vihti, (57.6 mm,) and the lowest precipitation of the month was in Näkkälä, Enontekiö (8.9 mm.)

The sun shone more than usual near the southern coast and less in other parts of the country.

At the end of the month, there was still an unusual amount of snow in Lapland, Koillismaa and Kainuu. In some areas in Central Lapland, there was still clearly more than one metre of snow which is exceptionally high and on average happens less often than once every 30 years.

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