Mission of the Finnish Meteorological Institute

The mission of the Finnish Meteorological Institute is to produce high-quality observation and research data on the atmosphere and seas. The Institute combines this expertise into the services it provides to promote public safety as well as increase well-being in the society and the environment, taking into account the needs to maintain preparedness.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute

  • produces weather, maritime, air quality and climate services for the needs of transport and the rest of society
  • observes the physical state, chemical composition and electromagnetic phenomena of the atmosphere
  • observes the physical state of the Baltic Sea and the Arctic sea areas
  • produces high-quality information and services about the past, present and future states of the atmosphere and seas
  • conducts high-standard research and development in the fields of atmospheric sciences, maritime science and space science
  • carries out competitive commercial activities, specialised in expert services, both in Finland and abroad
  • plays an active role in national and international cooperation
  • actively distributes information to decision-makers, the business world and the general public about matters related to the atmosphere, seas and near space
  • predicts changes and responds quickly to changes in the operational environment and changing conditions


Best selection of services – for the safety and smooth operation of the society

When encountering unexpected weather or conditions – whether inland, at sea or on air, over the next few hours or far ahead in the future – consequences may be unfortunate, or, in the worst case, even severe and long-lasting.

We conduct research and make observations constantly to better understand the effects of the atmosphere, seas and space on our conditions. The international dimension is closely linked to all of our operations.

High-quality research and research-based and customer-oriented services, communications, distribution channels for correct information and, above all, information corresponding to the needs of our customers support planning, preparing and decision-making.


  • Expertise
  • Courage
  • Fair play


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