Press release archive: 2001

Odin satellite was launched successfully on 20th of February

20.2.2001 12:00

Odin satellite was launched successfully from Svobodny eastern Siperia on 20th of February at 10.48 Finnish time. Launch vechicle was START-1 that was a former nuclear missile.

Odin is a dual-mission small satellite for research of both astronomical and atmospheric topics. The astronomical objectives are mainly related to star formation processes in the interstellar medium, while the atmospheric research objectives are related to processes behind the ozone layer depletion.

Odin is an advanced satellite for which large portions of the technologies involved represent completely new developments. Examples of these are new antennas, transistors, data handling methodology, measuring instruments and a new control system. Despite challenging goals and the use of advanced technology Odin is a small, low-cost spacecraft.

The Odin project is carried out in cooperation between scientists and space agencies in Sweden, Canada, Finland, and France. The Swedish Space Corporation is the prime contractor and is responsible for development and project management of Odin. Finnish Meteorological Institute has been developing OSIRIS-instrument Level 2 data processing system for the ground segment located at FMI-Arctic Research Center in Sodankylä in Northern Finland. FMI has been focusing on algorithm development of the processing chain.

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