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Press release archive: 2013

June was exceptionally warm

3.7.2013 14:45

The number of hot days and thunder storms in June was clearly above average.

Photo: Tero Sivula

Photo: Tero Sivula

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the mean temperature for June was above the long-term average in the whole country, in some places even exceptionally high. The mean temperature ranged from about 13 °C in Northern Lapland to about 18 °C in Southeast Finland. The previous time that June was hotter than this year in most of the country was in 1999. The greatest difference from the long-term average was recorded in Northern Lapland, where the temperature was up to four degrees warmer than usual.

The highest temperature of the month, 32.4 °C, was measured at Liperi Tuiskavanluoto on the 26th of June. There were a total of 17 hot days in the whole country, which is above average. Statistically, there are eight hot days in June. The combined number of hot days in May and June was 26, which is the highest number in the past 50 years. The lowest temperature of the month, -2.7 °C, was measured at Pyhäjärvi Ojakylä on the 13th of June. Night frost was recorded in mid-June, as the temperature dropped below zero at parts of Suomenselkä, Kainuu and Lapland on the night of the 13th of June.

The highest number of lightning strikes in fifteen years

The number of thunder storms in June was clearly above average. During June, 78,000 cloud-to-ground lightnings were spotted in Finland, which is more than double the long-term average. The most lightnings on a single day were recorded on the 27th of June with 28,500 cloud-to-ground lightnings. The previous time more lightning strikes were recorded in June was in 1995.

The most rainfall in June was recorded in the area from Ostrobothnia to Southern Lapland, were rainfall was recorded to be over 1.5 times the long-term average. The most rain during the month was measured at Alajärvi Möksy, where the reading was 197 millimetres. The highest daily rainfall was measured at the same station on the 7th of June, the measure being 71 millimetres. The least rainfall was recorded in Northern Lapland, where the amount of rain was less than half of the long-term average. The lowest monthly rainfall, 11 millimetres, was measures at Inari Kirakkajärvi.

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