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Finnish Meteorological Institute warns about severe thunder storms

27.6.2013 15:33

On Thursday 27.6. at 14.52 the Finnish Meteorological Institute issued the following emergency warning on severe thunderstorms.

Photo: Antonin Halas

Photo: Antonin Halas

Severe thunder storms may appear in Central Finland, Southern Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia over the next few hours. These storms may cause harm. Those that are currently outside should observe the situation and get inside if necessary.

Emergency warnings are issued on the radio channels of the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle) and on commercial radio channels operating under a long-term licence. If necessary, emergency warnings are also broadcast on television. The situation is monitored on the FMI website.

An emergency warning gives additional information on a warning that has been issued

By law, an emergency warning can be issued if the event poses danger to life or health, or the risk of significant damage to or destruction of property.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute issues an emergency warning when the meteorological criteria are met, for instance a violent thunderstorm in summer or high wind associated with low pressure. An emergency warning is issued when the announcement enables more detailed information than an ordinary warning, when a strong weather event will hit within the next few hours or when there is already information about damage.

During 2012 no emergency warnings were issued.

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