Press release 2.4.2015

Unusually mild and rainy March

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, March turned out to be very mild with higher than normal precipitation levels throughout nearly the whole country.

The monthly mean temperature ranged from over 2°C Celsius in Åland and the south-western coastline to slightly under -3°C in Northern Lapland. The temperature deviation was highest along the Ostrobothnian coastline, where the temperature was over four degrees higher than normal. This was exceptionally mild for this region: such a mild March is seen on average only a couple of times per century. Elsewhere in the country it was also unusually mild, at a level which is seen on average every decade. Before this, particularly mild Marches have been experienced in 2014 and 2007.The highest temperature for the whole month, 13.5°C, was measured in Jomala, Åland, on 8 February and the lowest temperature, -28.1°C, was in Salla on 22 February.

Higher than normal precipitation across the whole country in March

The monthly precipitation level was in most parts of the country between 30 and 60 mm. In parts of Kainuu, however, total precipitation even reached over 60 mm. The lowest levels were in Northern Lapland, in places remaining below 30 mm. Compared to the long-term average, precipitation levels were higher than normal across nearly the whole country. In the metropolitan area, Suomenselkä region, and parts of Central Lapland, precipitation levels were one and a half times greater than normal.Lower than average levels were seen only in parts of the south-east border areas and in certain parts of Eastern and Northern Lapland. The highest precipitation level, 88.7 mm, was recorded in the observation station in Paljakka, Puolanka. The lowest, 20.1 mm, was recorded in Kevo, Utsjoki, and Angeli, Inari.

The highest precipitation over a 24-hour period, 27.9 mm, was recorded in Nuuksio, Espoo, on 30 March. During that day there were unusually high levels of rainfall and snowfall across Uusimaa and Kymenlaakso. It mostly fell as snow, leading to an increase in snow cover of over 20 cm in places. At the end of the month, the only completely snow-free areas were in the south-west. North of the line stretching from the northern part of Pohjois-Karjala across to Sea Lapland there was still over half a metre of snow. In Ylä-Kainuu, Koillismaa, and parts of Southern Lapland there was nearly a metre.

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