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Normal June ends with heavy rain

6.7.2018 13:02

According to statistics of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the average temperature in June was close to the long-term averages. The average temperature in June varied between approximately 15 degrees Celsius in southern areas to nearly 10 degrees in the north of Finnish Lapland. The average temperature in southern parts of the country was locally about 0.5 degrees to 1 degree higher than normal, while in the north, it was locally 0.5 degrees to 1 degree cooler than normal.

There were nine days in June in which the temperature rose above 25°C, which is one day more than the long-term average for June. The highest temperature in June, 29.2 °C, was recorded on June 28 in Heinola. The lowest temperature in June was -5.0 degrees and it was recorded on June 7 on Saana Fell in Kilpisjärvi. 

Rainfall in June varied between less than 30 millimetres in the south-west and south-east and more than 100 mm. in North Karelia. According to statistics of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, rainfall in the south-west and south-east was about half of the normal level, while in areas with the highest rainfall, extending from North Savo and North Karelia to Koillismaa, and in Enontekiö in the north-west of Finnish Lapland, it rained about 1.5 times as much as in a normal June.  Rain was heaviest in Ylä-Luosta in Rautavaara, where 126.9 mm. of rain fell in June. Rain was lowest at the Haukka observation station where rain was just 16.6 millimetres. The greatest amount of rain in a single day was 49.5 mm. in Ylä-Luosta in Rautavaara, on June 29.

The total number of hours of sunshine was between about 250 and 330 in southern and western areas and 200 to 250 hours in eastern and northern areas, to about 100 - 200 in Lapland.  In the south and south-east of the country and the Åland Islands there were about 30 hours more sunlight than normal, while in Lapland, there were between 70 and 100 fewer hours of sunlight than normal. In other parts of the country the hours of sunshine were near the long-term averages.

June was windier than average. On Midsummer Eve (22 June) a strong low pressure system swept over Finland with winds reaching levels considered stormy. In a storm the average wind speed is 21 metres per second or more.  According to statistics of the Finnish Meteorological Institute storms typically occur in Finland in June less frequently than every two years.  In addition to the storm on Midsummer Eve there was gusty wind on most days. In inland areas wind gusts more than 20 metres a second were recorded on June 4 -  5, 18 - 20 and on the 29th of the month.

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