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The Finnish Meteorological Institute is to begin a round of co-operation negotiations

23.2.2015 14:00

Owing to budgetary cuts, the Finnish Meteorological Institute must make savings of approximately EUR 4.6 million. Currently, the maximum estimated number of redundancies stands at 85 persons by 2016.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute today delivered a negotiations proposal for the consideration of its personnel representatives. The proposal outlined the suggested cost-cutting measures and adjustments that must be made by 2016.  This cost-saving plan includes staff redundancies. The estimated total number of redundancies is currently thought to be a maximum of 85 persons. Every member of the FMI personnel will be involved in the co-operation negotiations.

These negotiations are being launched as a result of the governmental funding cuts necessitated by the generally poor economic climate, as well as by the reform of research institutes and funding.

"In spite of the substantial cost-cutting targets, our goal is to ensure that the Finnish Meteorological Institute remains a competitive organisation and continues to be able to meet the needs of its clients and wider society", remarks the FMI's Director General, Petteri Taalas.  "There is a strong demand for our research and the services we provide in various sectors of society", he continues. 
The co-operation negotiations are set to commence on 2 March 2015.

Further information:

Petteri Taalas, Director General, Finnish Meteorological Institute, tel:  +358 (0)29 539 2200
Marko Viljanen, Director of Administration, Finnish Meteorological Institute, tel: +358 (0)29 539 2300