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New phone numbers for the Finnish Meteorological Institute

6.6.2012 8:07

As of June 6th, the new number for the FMI's telephone exchange is 029 539 1000. The exchange serves on business days from 8:00 am to 4:15 pm.

The personnel’s so-called fixed phone numbers and fax numbers will also start with 029 539. New contact information is available on our website, under About us –> Contact information. The new numbers for the personnel will also be available from the telephone exchange.

The mobile phone numbers of the FMI’s personnel will remain the same.

The service numbers for the general public will also remain unchanged. The meteorologist on call can still be reached by calling 0600 10 600 (available 24 h, price €3.98/min + local network charge). The Climate Service Centre continues to serve at 0600 10 601 (available from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, price €3.98/min + local network charge).

When calling the FMI’s 029 539 number from a landline phone, the caller pays the local network charge set by the telecommunications company. When calling the FMI’s 029 539 number from a mobile phone, the caller pays the mobile call charge set by the telecommunications company.

The price for calls made directly to the personnel’s mobile phone numbers is determined according to the rates charged by the caller’s operator.

The change in phone numbers at the Finnish Meteorological Institute is part of a wider telecommunications reform to harmonise the numbers used in State administration. At the same time, the personnel will start for the most part to use mobile phones in their work.

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