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May was wetter and slightly warmer than average

5.6.2012 11:00

Mean temperature for May was near average or slightly above average with eastern and the most northern parts of the country experiencing approximately one degree above normal temperatures.

Photo: Eija Vallinheimo

Photo: Eija Vallinheimo

The highest temperature of 27.8 °C was recorded at Lappeenranta on the 17th. The coldest temperature of -11.9 °C was recorded at Kilpisjärvi on the 4th.

May was generally a wet month with central and western parts of the country experiencing wetter than usual conditions. The highest monthly precipitation of 97.2 mm at Toholampi was twice the normal amount.
Snow still covered central and northern parts of Lapland in mid-May, but by the end of the month that snow had melted away.

Thunderstorms were scarce as most of the monthly lightning strikes occurred on the 17th of May. The 2200 lightning strikes are only one fourth of the long term average.

Spring (March-May) mean temperature was near normal or slightly above average. Compared to the long term average the southern coast and Northern Lapland were the warmest. Spring was unusually wet in some central parts of the country.