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Spring arrived in April despite cooler temperatures

3.5.2012 12:13

The national average temperature in April was +0,2 °C which is 0,8 degrees below average. In southern and southwestern parts of the country the monthly temperature was close to the long term average, but cooler elsewhere.

Photo: Tuija Vuorinen

Photo: Tuija Vuorinen

The highest temperature +17,1 °C was measured in Turku on the 22nd of April. The lowest temperature -28,7 °C was measured in Utsjoki on April 2nd.

Precipitation amounts were above average throughout the country; in some western locations over twice the monthly average was recorded. On April 2nd a small scale snow event brought around 30 cm of snow in one day, bringing traffic to a standstill in Tampere, the third largest city in Finland.

By the end of the month, snow covered the northern part of the country. In Western Lapland the snow depth was unusually high for the time of year: for example in Kittilä the snow depth was still around 100 cm at the end of the month.

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