Press release 29.6.2024

Severe thunderstorms will cause wind damage in some areas in Kainuu and Kuusamo in the coming hours.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has issued a public notification regarding the situation.

On Saturday, 29th June at 14:00, the Finnish Meteorological Institute issued a public notification stating that in Kainuu and Kuusamo, there will be strong thunderstorm gusts in the coming hours, which may cause wind damage in some areas. Loose objects should be secured before the wind strengthens. During thunderstorms, it is advised to stay indoors. When outdoors, beware of falling trees and fallen power lines. Emergency number 112 should not be called for inquiries about power outages or fallen trees. It should only be called in urgent emergency situations where life, health, property, or the environment is at risk. The situation can be monitored on the Finnish Meteorological Institute's website and via their X account @meteorologit.

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