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Press release archive: 2017

Mild March brought a feeling of spring

4.4.2017 16:11

Accompanied by storm-force gusts, the warm weather record for March was nearly broken.

Photo: Eija Vallinheimo

Photo: Eija Vallinheimo

According to the statistics of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, in the northern part of the country, March was 1-2 degrees, and in the southern and central parts, 2-3 degrees milder than normally. This was the fourth consecutive March that was warmer than the long-term average.

Warm weather record within a decimal

The highest temperature of the month, 17.4 °C, was measured on 27 March, in Jomala in Åland Islands. This number was within only a decimal from the Finnish March warm weather record that was measured at Helsinki Airport in 2007. At the same time when these high temperatures regarding the time of the year were measured around the country, the storm-force gusts between west and northwest caused power failures especially in the southern and central parts of the country.  

The month's lowest temperature, -29.4 °C , was recorded in Muonio village on 7 March.

Precipitation fairly normal

In large parts of the country, the precipitation was 30-40 mm, which is fairly normal. However, in some parts of the west coast, central parts, and in the Enontekiö area, the precipitation levels were about one and a half times the average. The highest amount of precipitation, 100.7 mm, was measured in Kilpisjärvi. The lowest amount of precipitation, 10.9 mm, was measured in Lappeenranta.

Skiing conditions continued in the north, snow cover declined in the south

As the month changed, there was less snow than on average in southern and western parts of the country, with some of these areas completely snow-free. There was over 50 cm snow north of the area stretching from North Karelia to the Bay of Bothnia. At the end of the month, the most snow was found in Kilpisjärvi, 138 cm, which is 40 cm more than usual.