Press release 9.10.2014

September warmer than normal

The average temperature for September was higher than normal throughout the whole country. In the west it was in many places also unusually dry.

The temperature in September varied from a little over 12 degrees in the coastal and archipelago regions to just under 7 degrees in Northern Lapland. The deviation from the average in most of the country was 1 to 2 degrees, with just over 2 degrees being recorded in Sea Lapland and in various places in the southernmost parts of the country.  The month's highest temperature, 23.1°C, was recorded on 8 September in Tulkkila, Kokemäki, and the lowest, -9.7°C, was recorded on the 22nd in Saariselkä, Inari. Thermal autumn had by the end of the month progressed only as far as the centre of the country, whereas according to statistics it normally already covers by the end of September the whole country apart from the southernmost islands.

Rainfall lower than normal across nearly the whole countryMonthly rainfall remained below 30 millimetres in the south of the country, but rose in eastern areas in many places to over 70 millimetres. Accumulated rainfall was lower than normal across nearly the whole country. Rainfall was exceptionally low in Ostrobothnia province and in Central Finland in general, remaining below a third of the average for this time of year.

Rainfall was higher than normal only in some eastern

parts, but even there the total rose so high only because of rainfall at the end of the month. The highest individual recording was at the Utö observation station in Parainen municipality, where there was 101 mm of rainfall. Abundant rainfall led to torrential rain in the southern archipelago on the 22nd, when the month's highest rainfall in a 24-hour period, 60.3 mm, was recorded in Utö. The second highest monthly rainfall was recorded in Huhtilampi, Joensuu, where a total of 92.7 mm of rain fell. The lowest level of rainfall was in Alavus, which saw only 12.1 mm of rain.

During the burst of cold weather at the end of the month the first snow fell over an area stretching from North Karelia to Lappi. This is exceptionally early for North Karelia, and elsewhere also clearly earlier than normal. The thickest snowdrifts were recorded in Posio, where on the 25th there was 25 cm of snow. The last time September snowfall was greater than this was in 1968, when there was 30 cm of snow in Sodankylä.

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