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July was slightly cooler than average

5.8.2013 15:12

Precipitation was less than average in most parts of the country. Lightning flashes also amounted to less than the average amount.

The mean temperature for June was below the long term average in most parts of the country. The anomaly was, however, only below one degree.

The mean temperature ranged from slightly over 17 degrees in Southern Finland to just under 13 degrees in northernmost Lapland. The mean temperature was above average only in southern coast and in Eastern and Northern Lapland.

There were a total of 17 hot days in the whole of Finland, which is the same as the long term average. Among individual observation stations, the highest number of hot days, a total of 10, was measured in Kouvola Anjala. The highest temperature of 29.2 °C was recorded at Utsjoki Kevo on the 28th. The lowest temperature of -1.4 °C was recorded at Salla Naruska on the 13th.

Precipitation was below average

Precipitation varied between 40 mm and 80 mm in most parts of the country, which is less than average. In southern and southwestern coast, precipitation was below 40 mm. In eastern and northern part of the country, precipitation was above average. The most precipitation was recorded in Northern Savonia and the eastern part of Southern Savonia, where precipitation was generally over 120 mm.

Among individual observation stations, the highest amount of precipitation during the month, 148 mm, was recorded at Pielavesi. The smallest amount, 18.1 mm, was recorded at Pori railway station. However, there were great differences in monthly precipitation between different parts of the country and additionally showers caused great local differences.

Fewer thunderstorms than in average

Only 21,000 ground flashes were spotted in Finland, which is about a third of the long term average. The most ground flashes on a single day, around 6500, were recorded on the first day of July in the northern part of the country.

In July 2011, the number of ground flashes was over five times greater than this July. On the other hand, in 2007-2009, the number of ground flashes in July was lower than this July.

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