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The Finnish Meteorological Institute's revised web services

2.12.2010 9:30

The Finnish Meteorological Institute's public web services have undergone revision. Five-day weather forecasts can now be obtained for over 10,000 localities in Finland.

Photo: Kari Österberg

Photo: Kari Österberg

The goal of the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s web services is to provide up-to-date and high-quality information for everyone interested in Finland’s weather. For users the revision of the website means more extensive weather services as well as changes in the visual appearance and layout.

The main new features:

  • A five-day local weather forecast is now available for about 10,000 localities in Finland. The quick menu for local weather uses predictive text recognition for fast scrolling of possible forecast localities. The quick menu is easily accessible from all pages of the service.
  • The temporal specificity of forecasts for the next few days has been increased. The forecast for the next few hours is shows for every three hours.
  • The local weather pages indicate whether any weather-related warnings have been issued for the land area in question. A map with the warnings is also published on the front page of the website.
  • Weather observations for Finland are updated on the Finnish map once an hour, instead of every three hours as before.
  • The observation curves on the local weather page show weather observations retrospectively over the past 48 hours. (Previously this information was available only for the past 24 hours.)
  • A brief look at Finland’s coming weather, drawn up by a meteorologist, is available daily on the front page of the website.

Send us feedback about the revision!

At the publication stage, most of the content-related changes to the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s webs services are seen on the front page and the local weather page. Services will be developed gradually even after the publication date. Therefore we ask you to give feedback about the revision, to help us develop our web services further.

Feedback about the revision as well as development ideas can be sent using the feedback form found at:

Basic facts about the web services

The address for the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s web services in English is: The address of the Finnish version remains unchanged: The shorter address,, also works and directs the user to the main address.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute’s web services play a major role in the Finnish context. An average of 265,000 different users visit the site per day (source: Google Analytics).

The information contained on the website is provided by dozens of experts working at the Institute.

Additional information:
Tuija Vuorinen, Editor-in-Chief, Web Services, tel. +358 9 1929 2234