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Press release archive: 2002

Climatological Statistics of Finland 1971-2000 published

21.11.2002 12:00

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has published a book "Tilastoja Suomen ilmastosta 1971-2000 - Climatological Statistics of Finland". The monthly and annual summaries can be applied both in scientific research and municipal planning, sectors of commercial and industrial life as well as in the field of education.

The official WMO standard normal period versus new statistics
The World Meteorological Organisation WMO has been compiling global statistics for the 30-year periods. There already exist the publications for the periods 1931-1960 and 1961-1990 and the successor for these two is logically the publication for the period 1991-2020 when the time comes. However, by the latter half of the 1990's the existence of the WMO current standard normal period (1961-1990) did not seem sufficient enough and the demand for new climatological statistics became more and more apparent. Therefore Finland among many other European countries decided to compile normal values for the period 1971-2000 for its national use. The present statistics of Finland were produced by a team consisting of experts from the Observational Services, the Climate Research and the Climate Service of the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. Part of the statistics is a result of European and Nordic collaboration.

The contents of the publication 1971-2000
The publication contains three kinds of tables: the first for statistics of air pressure, temperature, relative humidity, precipitation and snow, the second for wind distribution and the third for the duration of sunshine. In the end of the publication are nationwide maps of mean annual temperature and mean annual precipitation for the period 1971-2000.

The winters significantly warmer
Thanks to the existence of the new publication we can compare the past 30-year periods 1961-1990 and 1971-2000 with each other and really show black in white what has changed and what has not - at least while speaking of these two periods. The most obvious fact is that the winters have become significantly warmer than before. Actually the winters of the 10 years 1991-2000 are as much as three degrees warmer than winters in 1961-1970.

More details about climatological statistics for the period 1971-2000

The price of the publication is 60 euros + VAT. It is available at the FMI library and Climate Service.

Extra information:

Climate Service: Jaakko Helminen, phone (09) 1929 3500
Climate Research: Raino Heino, phone (09) 1929 4120
Observation technique: Pauli Rissanen, phone (09) 1929 5760