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Press release archive: 2002

Envisat-satellite will be launched on Friday

27.2.2002 12:00

Envisat is ESA's huge environmental satellite which includes ten instruments measuring Earth's atmosphere and surface.

GOMOS instrument measures atmosphere by occultation of stars. The main advantage of this instrument is very good vertical resolution which is not possible with nadir instruments.

FMI was an original co-proposer of GOMOS. Since that, we have been involved in mission definition and planning, instrument definition, data processing algorithm development, development of in-flight calibration and geophysical validation, and development of the ground processing facilities.

FMI is one of the four EESL (Envisat Expert Support Laboratories) for GOMOS. FMI also hosts GOMOS Level 2 data processing facility (FIN-CoPac) in Sodankylä.

Finnish industry has produced flight software for GOMOS, FIN-CoPAC prosessing software and test systems for software testing. Furthermore, Finnish industry has developed and manufactured hardware components for GOMOS.

Further information and animations about Envisat and Gomos.