News 26.1.2021

BalticSatApps successfully paving way for earth observation-based innovations in Baltic Sea Region

BalticSatApps project focused on creating novel innovations, applications and services based on the open-acccess Earth Observation data from The European Copernicus Programme.
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The European Copernicus Programme provides Earth Observation (EO) data free of charge on an open-access basis. The Copernicus services are based on satellite and in situ observations, and cater to even near real-time data needs. The services provide global data which can also be used for local and regional needs. The data can, for example, help to make visible different phenomena affecting Earth, such as climate change and urban development. The three-year BalticSatApps project has focused on the development of novel innovations leveraging this data and has covered and supported the whole chain of new service or application development from needs to solutions, and from there to commercialisation. The project has been conducted in close collaboration between the project partners from Estonia, Finland, Poland, Russian Federation, and Sweden.

The BalticSatApps project started by approaching the user and developer scene of EO data. Senior Scientist D.Sc. Ali Nadir Arslan from the Finnish Meteorological Institute led these activities.

"As part of our user uptake activities, we mapped potential users, along with potential and current domain-wise usage of Copernicus data. Furthermore, we conducted a gap analysis by category in order to match EO products and services, both existing and potential new ones, to the needs of industries in the Baltic Sea region. The results show that land, climate change and marine are the most demanded application areas for the users of EO data. In the future, we will see more usage in areas like agriculture, fishery, energy, tourism, natural hazards, and extreme weather events", describes D.Sc. Arslan.

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Senior Scientist Ali Nadir Arslan, Finnish Meteorological Institute,

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