News 6.2.2023

Simultaneous use of a weather radar and a lidar device improves the coverage of wind measurements in different weather conditions

The study examined the coverage of lidar and radar wind measurements in different weather conditions.
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The results show that combining these measurement instruments improves the total coverage of wind measurements. Accurate wind measurements are important for, for example, air traffic where information on changes in dangerous winds is needed.

Further information:

Resaercher Jenna Ritvanen, Finnish Meteorological Institute, tel. +358 50 4649820,

Scientific article is available on Atmospheric Measurement Techniques.

Reference: Ritvanen, J., O’Connor, E., Moisseev, D., Lehtinen, R., Tyynelä, J., and Thobois, L.: Complementarity of wind measurements from co-located X-band weather radar and Doppler lidar, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 15, 6507–6519,, 2022.

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