News 19.7.2021

Surface profile and mean circulation of the atmosphere are the key factors affecting air moisture in the Antarctic

In this study, researchers estimated the distribution of atmospheric water vapor and processes affecting it, such as moisture transport within air flows, surface evaporation and condensation of the moisture, and condensation of moisture into clouds and precipitation in the atmosphere.
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The results give a comprehensive picture of air moisture climatology in the Antarctic and its surrounding sea areas and aid in understanding the related physical processes. The study indicated that air moisture conditions vary greatly inside the researched area.

The results are based on the most modern global reanalysis, ERA5, which manages reasonably well to close the Antarctic water budget.

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PhD Researcher Tuomas Naakka, tel. 046 922 7373,

Naakka, T., Nygård, T. and Vihma, T., 2021. Air moisture climatology and related physical processes in the Antarctic on the basis of ERA5 reanalysis. Journal of Climate, 34, 4463–4480.

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