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News 19.10.2021

Complementary sensor network brings added value to air quality measurements

The base of creditable air quality monitoring is standardised reference instruments that are used to measure air quality at permanent observation stations. However, cost-efficient air quality sensors can bring their own added value to air quality measurements.

The research was carried out in three different urban areas and 25 measuring stations in Helsinki, and its results highlight the benefits of complementary sensor data. Different urban areas have different sources of emissions in different places, and sensors are a handy tool to help expand the area and time period observed. In this way, point sources of emissions can be observed and identified.

More information:

Researcher Joel Kuula,

Group Leader Hilkka Timonen,

Petäjä T, Ovaska A, Fung PL, Poutanen P, Yli-Ojanperä J, Suikkola J, Laakso M, Mäkelä T, Niemi JV, Keskinen J, Järvinen A, Kuula J, Kurppa M, Hussein T, Tarkoma S, Kulmala M, Karppinen A, Manninen HE and Timonen H (2021). Added Value of Vaisala AQT530 Sensors as a Part of a Sensor Network for Comprehensive Air Quality Monitoring. Front. Environ. Sci. 9:719567. doi: 10.3389/fenvs.2021.719567

Scientific article available here

Research was funded by the European Regional Development (Urban innovative actions initiative, Healthy Outdoor Premises for Everyone, project no: UIA03-240), Business Finland (MegaSense Growth Engine: Air Quality Monitoring, grant 7517/31/2018), European union (trans-national ERA-PLANET project SMURBS (Grant Agreement 689,443) under the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme) and Academy of Finland (Flagship funding: grant no. 337549, 337551, and 337552).

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