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Drones in atmospheric and environmental research

1.11.2018 10:33

Drones have become increasingly beneficial observation platforms in weather, atmospheric and environmental science and monitoring operations.

Photo: UAS Colorado

Photo: UAS Colorado

Drone and sensor technologies develop fast, and so does their application in science and service. Collaboration between research institutes and industry is expected to accelerate this development and facilitate future funding potentials.

"Drones provide fascinating new opportunities to investigate and monitor atmosphere and our environment. Therefore, Finnish Meteorological Institute invests in this fast developing technology. It is foreseen that with collaboration we gain effective solutions for data end users", says Anne Hirsikko, Head of Group at Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Seminar on drones in January 2019

Finnish Meteorological Institute organizes a seminar on current drone activities to facilitate discussion between drone operators in the fields of atmosphere and environment. We invite presentations on science, technological and data infrastructural development. Representatives from Trafi and ANSFinland will report actual news on drone regulation and traffic management, respectively.

Target audience of the seminar includes cooperation partners in research and development.

When: Thursday 31.1.2019
Where: Finnish Meteorological Institute, Erik Palmenin aukio 1
Language: English

Preliminary agenda

12:30 Start of the seminar followed by oral presentations
13:45 Poster session

14:45 Oral presentations continue
17:00 Adjourn

Please registrate and let us know preliminary title of your presentation by January 24th 2019.

Further information:

Head of Group Anne Hirsikko, Finnish Meteorological Institute,, tel. 050 4205345.