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News 25.11.2021

New wavelengths now used in profile measurements of microparticles

A new method has been developed at the Finnish Meteorological Institute to help monitor microparticles such as pollen particles in the atmosphere more efficiently.
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A method based on the lidar technique enables more accurate measurement of the vertical distribution of microparticles. The newly introduced wavelength is longer than before, and it is especially suitable for observing pollen, sand dust, and other microparticles with a diameter of more than a micrometre.

More information:

Researcher Ville Vakkari, Finnish Meteorological Institute, tel. 050 4076133,

Vakkari, V., Baars, H., Bohlmann, S., Bühl, J., Komppula, M., Mamouri, R.-E., and O’Connor, E. J.: Aerosol particle depolarization ratio at 1565 nm measured with a Halo Doppler lidar, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 21, 5807–5820,, 2021.

Scientific article available here

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