News 7.7.2022

Holograms can be used for precise depictions of cloud droplets

Holograms allow the observations, depictions, and measurements of things that are beyond the capabilities of traditional camera techniques. In the study, the new Icing Condition Evaluation Method (ICEMET) was used for measuring the microphysical characteristics of liquid clouds.
Photo: Adobe Stock.

Measuring cloud droplets as accurately and as thoroughly as possible makes it easier to evaluate the importance of clouds in a warming climate.

Further information:

Senior Researcher Petri Tiitta, Finnish Meteorological Institute, p. 050 407 7964,

Full citation of publication: Tiitta, P., Leskinen, A., Kaikkonen, V. A., Molkoselkä, E. O., Mäkynen, A. J., Joutsensaari, J., Calderon, S., Romakkaniemi, S., and Komppula, M.: Intercomparison of holographic imaging and single-particle forward light scattering in situ measurements of liquid clouds in changing atmospheric conditions, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 15, 2993–3009,, 2022.

Scientific article is available on Atmospheric Measurement Techniques.