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The photovoltaic production forecast service is now live

23.5.2018 11:07

The new service produces an hourly photovoltaic production forecast for user defined photovoltaic sites anywhere in Fennoscandia or Baltics.

Photo: Eija Vallinheimo

Photo: Eija Vallinheimo

The forecast, which is updated four times per day and extends to 66 hours ahead, is based on the joint Nordic MetCoOp weather forecasting system with a horizontal resolution of 2.5 kilometers. The service provides a personalized interface where one or multiple photovoltaic systems can be defined.

Several features, e.g. data export and solar radiation components, will be added to the interface in the near future. User feedback is welcomed for future development purposes. A similar service for wind power is currently under development.

For more information and the general test ID for the interface:

Herman Böök,

Finnish Meteorological Institute's open data pilot service is implemented under the EE-VaGe project. EE-VaGe (Enabling exploitation of variable and uncertain weather and power generation information) is a key project by the Academy of Finland. The aim of Academy's key project funding scheme is to strengthen collaboration between the research field (universities and research institutes) and end-users of research (business and industry), and promote more effective use of research results in the society.