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FMI provides satellite services to China

17.4.2018 10:36

FMI and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) signed 8 of April collaboration agreement in Beijing, China.

Photo: FMI

Photo: FMI

Aim of the agreement is to establish a joint research unit in Sodankylä. Unit will enhance research co-operation and operational service capacity between Finland and China. In addition to cryosphere research with satellites, the co-operation includes operational satellite data down-link, processing, archiving and data sharing services.

Satellite images provide information from the Arctic areas for the use of climate research, environmental monitoring and for operational activities, such as navigation in the Arctic Ocean. Co-operation is part of China´s Ice Silk Road strategy and its ambitions to develop a Polar Silk Road of new Arctic shipping lanes opened up by global warming. 


Agreement was signed by J. Pulliainen and Prof. LIU Jianbo, Deputy Director of the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI-CAS).

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