News 17.1.2022

Do this to stay upright in slippery winter conditions

Most accidents on the way to and from work happen between November and March, when winter is at its most beautiful and road surfaces slippery. Accidents caused by slipping are easy to prevent by being careful and making smart choices. The Pysy pystyssä campaign starting today provides you with tips on how to avoid slipping.
Photo: Eija Vallinheimo

In wintertime, people fall down most often due to slipping. Slips occur especially when the mean temperature of the day is around zero degrees Celsius, which is when freezing and thawing occur frequently.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute issues warnings about highly slippery pedestrian weather. Then extra attention should be paid to the choice of footwear and slip guards should be worn. There may be wide local variations in walkway conditions. It depends on factors such as maintenance practices and the volume of traffic.

The cost of slipping and falling is high

Compensation paid from the employers' liability insurance for falling down while walking or biking to or from work amount to approximately 50 million euros each year (The Workers’ Compensation Center 2021). The consequences of slipping may be dire. Injuries to upper and lower limbs are especially common.

Anticipating risky situations is an efficient way of preventing slips and falls. Workplaces should also pay attention to this as part of occupational safety.

Seven ways to avoid slipping and falling

  1. Wear shoes that are suitable for the road conditions.

  2. Use anti-slip guards.

  3. Make time for commuting.

  4. Check the weather warnings for pedestrians

  5. Give feedback to maintenance.

  6. Stay in shape and keep alert.

  7. Focus on walking.

More information:

Warnings issued by the Finnish Meteorological Institute

The ‘Do not fall’ campaign period is 17–30 January 2022. The ‘Pysy pystyssä’ website (‘Do not fall’ campaign site in Finnish)

Campaign partners: Aivovammaliitto, EHYT Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention, Finance Finland, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities, the Finnish Road Safety Council, Luustoliitto, LähiTapiola, Nikander ja Wiinikka Oy, Partioaitta, Sarva studded shoes, the Finnish Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Finnish Red Cross, Taitavat Suutarit ry, the National Institute for Health and Welfare, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

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